Your company can support the Arts while creating a comfortable and professional workplace setting.


The association between strong art, cultural communities and economic development in large cities has been well documented. Studies suggest that "the arts" have a significant role in terms of encouraging employment growth, facilitating city regeneration and tourism.

Create a visually comforting and professional corporate environment by enhancing the walls of executive offices, corporate board rooms, meeting rooms and work spaces. 19 on Paper will coordinate and install professionally framed original works on paper consisting of photographs, prints, watercolors, pastels, collage, drawings and/or paintings. From traditional realism to non-objective abstract art, consider the opportunities for achieving multiple business objectives:


• Art improves your surroundings and stimulates creative thinking
• Art conveys your ideas, values, vision to your clients, staff and the communities you serve
• Art provides cultural benefits for your employees and shows your commitment to their enrichment
• Art enhances your public image and promotes goodwill for your firm




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