Cindy Wilson
Felicia Touhey
Sally Caswell
Alma Davenport
C.C. Wolf

Hiroko Shakashio
B. L. Green
Marion Wilner
David DeMelim
Allie Sabalis

Kendra Ferreira
Grace Bentley-Scheck
Ann-Marie Gillett
Jill Brody
Paul Murray



Art should take you to another place... should be timeless... the way it was, is, and will be. Color carries an emotional impact, eliciting feelings about reality.

I see the natural world in symbolic terms which express my relationship to art and to my own psyche. Art is a way of making sense out of the world and my place in it. Hopefully, my compositions bridge the eternity of nature and the individual self, no matter where the images may originate.Sometimes my colors are inspired by what I see; sometimes color quickens my imagination. It binds together all the work I do. It declares its own reality.

At the core of all art is a desire to seek out a path to an underlying truth. The format may vary, but the desire to find answers is always there.

Flutterings in the Evening Mist, 19 x 25", acrylic


Lifr Recreates Istself, 19 x 25", acrylic

In the beginning
, 19 x 25", acrylic