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A fascination with color has always been the main focus in my watercolor work. If sun rays capture our hearts like a rainbow, I am driven to express that vitality of the spectrum. Also, echoes of rhythm in my work become necessary to finish off the beat as in music. When I work in grid format I improvise the orchestration in the sense of each musical instrument harmonizing to unite and complete the whole musical score.

The different materials found daily on my table, mundane themselves, become rich sources for my collages. By chance, the juxtaposed image created by these simple objects become very exciting to me.Exploring the possibilities by manipulating these objects is the process in which the sensations of texture, color, and form flow into my works.The titillating sensations I feel while I create, continue to push me to go on for more and explore until I find another discovery of thrill


Power of Music



History of Time

Ancient Well