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After three agonizing years of indecision, analysis by art therapists, psychotherapists and even several astrologists, I chose to leave a 25 year, successful practice as a periodontist to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

Initially, to finance my new lifestyle, I turned to shooting wedding photography and studio portraiture, both of which I soon found to be quite limiting, stifling my creativity and ultimately leading to another difficult decision. Would I go mainstream with the work I knew would sell or would I sacrifice the financial reward to pursue photography as art, for its joy and inner rewards. Choosing the latter, I say simply, I ended up doing it my way. Given who I am, I had no other choice.

Reviewing my career over the years, there are several bodies of work: my black and white abstract canyon pieces, exhibited on a national museum tour in 2004-2005; black and white and color images of Rhode Island; abstract figurative work, as Bodyscapes, exhibited as a solo show at the Newport Art Museum; abstract night photography, as Nightscapes; African animals; automobiles; and oil and acrylic photo-paintings.

I have shown in galleries throughout the United States and have been published in several books. Although I have garnered many awards and honors in a variety of media, I feel winning the Rhode Island Governor's award in 2004 my biggest thrill


Bodyscape 57



AC Series 37

Nightscape 24