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I am Rhode Island based Artist pursuing parallel explorations in Photography and Printmaking. My interest lies, not in recording how the camera “sees” or records an event, but in trying to capture and record how we see.  My work explores ways of combining images to create a representation of an event that documents and expresses that event in a more complete and expressive manner than can be captured in a single instant. There are no Kodak moments, but rather a syncopated succession of moments that combine to recall or define an event. Much of my work explores an image’s ability to fix a memory through the use of multiple layers, paired images and overprinting multiple photos.

Current work draws on knowledge gained from color separations used in the commercial printing industry as well as, the random juxtaposition of images found on the waste sheets from a press run. These setup sheets following a plate change, often run through the press several times over inked and out of register, offer the basis for a new way to combine images. My images are assembled by combining single layers of color, mixing and matching the individual color separations from multiple images, creating an abstraction that forms a new image, a new reality.

As a Prepress technician and Photographer, I am actively involved in the digital revolution sweeping both the print and photographic industries. I made the transition to a digital studio easily, bringing with me my experience in Screen-Printing, Lithography and Color Separations. Techniques learned in printmaking and the wet darkroom are assimilated and repurposed through a computer creating a new form of Photographic printmaking.

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